During Sprint three we ran into issues that bottle necked our project. But in the end we were able to overcome these obstacles and make some good progress.

What did not go as well was the planning of our issues, and not knowing how long each issue would take. One of our issues was connecting our API to our backend, and building our server. This issue ended up taking three people from our group more than two weeks. And we were unable to meanigfully test any HTTP calls until our backend was running properly. Looking back, we should have starting working on this during sprint 2.

What did go really well this sprint was working together to get the app running. We spent one class, all working together. Working through docker errors and making progresss that way. Chirstian made progress on his own as well. He made a docker file and reused the shell scripts from last semester to get the server running. The issue we ran into was that even with the server running, we could not execute any http call, without getting a connection error. This was the status of the issue for about two weeks.

I tried to work through the connections errors using stack overflow and other online resources, but to no avail. I then asked Jared, and sent him a screen shot and he said they ran into a similar issue in his group. Then, Duwal, Jared, and I jumped on a discord call and together we got the server running, so that we could call our http methods wihout connection errors. This was a huge break through for the team.

Another issue we ran into as a team was meeting to make our video presentation. We had a hard time picking a time in which everyone was free. Because classes had ended, and group members had finals and other engagements. The solution we came to was that everyone filmed their part and sent the video to Christian, who is going to edit it together and submit.

One thing I can do to improve as an individual is learning to ask for help, outside of the normal avenues. Once I asked Jared for help, he knew where to get started on our problem. So I learned that sometimes I need to ask an outside opinion for help. There is a limit to how much I can figure out by debugging and googling on my own. And sometimes an outside perspective, or somebody that has encountered this problem before can make all of the difference.

Below are the issues I worked on this sprint:

I added access token capability to the API repo. I added a schema for a 403 response. And I added that response to every path in the API repo. Link: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/foodkeeperapi/-/issues/12

I researched endpoint testing standards and created a template js file in the backend repo. Link: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/foodkeeper-newbackend/-/issues/29

I debgugged tbe connection / server problems in the backend repo. Link: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/foodkeeper-newbackend/-/issues/40

I helped Duwal with the test file for returning the API version. Link: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/foodkeeper-newbackend/-/issues/25