During spring two, we had more experience working as a team, and there were some big improvements and things that went well. There were also some areas in which we can improve, that we discussed in our Sprint Retrospective meeting. We started with what went well.

One thing that we improved with was using GitLab to better organize our collaboration. We used comments in the issues section of GitLab so that our development can be better documented. We were using discord and talking in person during the first sprint, when we should have been using GitLab comments. Another thing we did well was approving Merge Requests Asynchronously. During sprint one, we merged all of the requests as a group during class. This was tedious at best, and at worst led to merge conflicts, with branches being many commits behind. This time, we created a system in which any time a team member is the second to approve a Merge Request, he will merge the branch into Main. This streamlined the merging process.

Another area we continued to excel in is getting issues completed, and evenly dividing the work. With the exception of Issues that are not in our control, we completed all of our assigned issues. And we evenly divided the work. We faced some delays, as we had spring break, followed by a week of cancelled classes. But we still managed to get a lot done. We have a lot to celebrate as team, but there are some things that we can improve on.

We had a two week break from classes. And our productivity decreased during that time. We got better at using discord to collaborate remotely. And if issues like this arise again, we will be better equipped to handle them. Another thing we can improve on is naming issues more descriptively, and link issues to epics. We can also work on being more proactive with asking our instructor for help as needed. As a group those are the things we need to work on. And as a team member, I need to contribute to this.

I think I did a great job during this sprint, and I learned a lot. But there are some things I can work on. Going back to some of the group feedback, I need to be more specific in naming issues. This is extremely important, so that if another team member works on an issue I created, he is working on the correct piece of the project. Another thing I can work on is the way I help other team members as problems arise. A few team members needed help getting Chai to work. And were facing a “Chai is not defined error”. I thought this was due to Chai or node not being installed. As when I was in my branch it worked fine. When I moved to main and pulled all of the changes I found that I was getting the same error. It was due to a missing import statement in one of our testng files. I learned that I should take a closer look when trying to help another team member. Meaning that I should switch to their branch and pull all of the recent changes.

The issues I completed / worked on during Sprint two are as follows:

Test File for products: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/general/-/issues/3

Create Data file for Products: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/foodkeeper-newbackend/-/issues/5

Test File for Returning API: https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/common-services/foodkeeper/foodkeeper-newbackend/-/issues/13