This week I chose to write about Practice, from the Perpetual learning portion of the book. I think that this is an important topic because practicing is important in any skill or craft.

As a Software Apprentice, practicing is crucial. Practice will help me develop concrete skills in new areas. Concrete skills are necessary to land my first job. And the author poses the problem that my daily programming activities do not give me the oppurtunity to learn by making mistakes. This last part is not true for me. I do have the oppurtunity to make mistakes quite often.

One thing that Dave mentions is that practicing has to be done in a relaxed environment. So personal projects outside of work are an important part of the software craft. This makes sense to me. Because when programming for work. There are calls, meetings, and deadlines.Coding for school projects is similar. But if I am practicing for my own sake, I can relax and focus on learning. Dave also mentions to carve out some time everyday to practice. This makes a lot of sense to me. At the end of the pattern, Dave recommends that I complete the same excercise from scratch, once a week.

Over the winter break, I had some spare time one my hands, and I decided to take on a personal project. I wanted to learn about the React framework, so I decided to build a calculator with React. I made a calculator website one year before with vanilla JavaScript. It was nice to be able to learn at my own pace. And I had to remind myself that I was coding to learn, and it was okay that the project took me longer than expected. This was a good learning experience. I made an app that does works as expected, and I have something new on my GitHub. So practicing helps me to achieve the skills, and as long as I put the code in a public place, the projects become part of my resume. Creating personal projects will be part of my coding journey, and one of my favorite parts too.